Theory Play Practice

Directions: You will design 1 play activity for a particular age group and explain the information in an essay format. Each section should meet the approximate paragraph length. First, choose from the age groups below and then complete the steps from Part #1-#4.

  • Birth to 3 years age
  • 3 years to 6 years
  • 6 years to 9 years
  • 9 years to 12 years

Part #1: Play Activity (approximately 3 paragraphs)
Design 1 play activity that will benefit this age group. Include the following:

  • Name of activity
  • Explain how Piaget’s play theory applies to this play activity.
  • Discuss and explain 2 aspects of development (e.g. physical, cognitive or social/emotional) that you believe this play activity will address
  • Select 2 play strategies that you would recommend for this play activity. Each strategy should address a developmental domain (physical, cognitive, or social/emotional development).

Part 2: Research and Modification (approximately 3 paragraphs)
To address part 3, use 3 reputable sources to support your explanations on:

  • Describe how this play activity can be supported in a setting of your choice (e.g. education, hospital, therapy).
  • Explain how this play activity can be implemented within diverse families (e.g. single families, blended families, Polynesian culture, homelessness, deployed parents, etc.). It can be any family circumstance. It does not have to necessarily be a family that was discussed in this course.
  • Select a hypothetical challenge (e.g. a child that has ADHD or a child that has deployed parents). Based on that challenge, discuss one way that you would modify this play activity.

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