Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric Project
Directions:  Create a visual argument to support one of the points you make in your Research Paper. Your visual argument can take the form of an advertisement/public service announcement, photo essay, political cartoon, comic strip, infographic, or another form of visual argument approved by your instructor. Make sure you use the special features of visual argument and the three appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos) to help you reach your audience with your message.
You can create your argument digitally or on paper, and you may adapt images you find in magazines or online for your own use, but make sure you are adapting the images and not simply passing them off as your own work.
Along with your visual argument, please also write a short paragraph that explains how you have taken into account the special features of visual argument and how you have tried to appeal to your audience using logos, ethos, and pathos.
Visual Rhetoric Project Grading Rubric
_______clearly helps support a point from the research paper (20 points)
_______uses a creative and unique approach (20 points)
_______takes advantage of the special features of visual argument (30 points)
_______appeals to the viewer’s need for logos, ethos, and pathos (30 points)

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